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Processing all materials faster and more efficiently

Vehicles and Commodities

It all starts with scan match,with no complicated procedures

Touch screen interface, for faster transactions.

Wireless connectivity, makes installation fast.

Centralized client server application.

(Optional Local Server Application Available)

ID Verification

  • Biometric Identification
  • Photo ID Verification
  • Photo ID Cards (available)
  • Client History
  • Client Employee Verification
  • Multi State Compliance

Product Controls

  • Vehicle Exchange
  • Commodity Exchange
  • Commodity Receiving Form
  • Vehicle Receiving Form
  • Integrated Calculator Tons, LBS
  • Inventory Hot Keys
  • Multiple Reporting Screens

Camera Controls

  • Integrated Camera Controls
  • Heavy Load Image
  • Light Load Image
  • Vehicle Image
  • Product Recovery Photos
  • Inventory Photos (OPTIONAL)