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Gift Card Processing

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Other Features Included in MPOS Software

Save thousands of dollars a year in fees by maintaining your own gift card system in house.
save on:
 * Transaction Fees
 * Monthly Fees
 * Processing Fees
 * Statement Fees

Click Here if you are looking for a stand alone (Software that just processes Gift Cards)  solution

Retail POS Software

Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Client Maintenance
Commission Calculations
Employee Scheduling
Gift Card Processing
Time Clock Management
QuickBooks Compatible
Package Management
Tanning Bed Support
Multiple Store Management
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Online Backup
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Other Features
Create your own gift card system for either your single location or for *multiple stores.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year in fees by maintaining your own gift card system in house.
  • Use any gift card stock including account numbers, barcodes or magnetically striped cards.
  • Maintain balances on cards or cash out balances
Retail Software
  • Sell your gift cards automatically through the system
  • Gift card can be issued during the sale of the gift card.  Making sure no gift card can be used unless it has been sold to a customer and issued.
Retail POS Software
  • Manage gift card accounts.
  • View detail history of each card sold and any transaction purchased using the gift card.
Retail Software
  • Process real-time gift cards as a form of payment during sales.
Retail Software

Some Key Features

  • Can run a points based program.
  • Can run a currency based program.
  • Can run a tiered program that delivers rewards when target spending volumes are reached.
  • Can combine a loyalty and gift program on the same card.
  • Will work in a multiple locations and/or different businesses on the same program.
  •  SMS and/or email messages can be sent when a customer enrolls or receives a reward if the customer is opted in to receive marketing messages.
  • Turn your customers into a loyal Sales Force!

Reasons why you should implement a Loyalty Program!

       “Keep customers from defecting” Lock them in with the rewards they are accumulating.
“Win greater share of wallet” Provide incentives through loyalty programs and encourage consumers to direct their purchases towards you instead of your competitors.

       “Prompt customers to make additional purchases” Customers close to achieving goals can be enticed to buy more than they would have without a loyalty program.

       “Turn a profit” Successful loyalty programs lead to an uplift in sales numbers.

         “Enhance the overall value-proposition of the product or service” Loyalty programs enhance the value of the product brand and “neutralize a competitor’s program.”

         Tool for collective advertising and cross-business promotions  In a coalition loyalty program (two or more business cooperating in a single program) besides sharing costs on promotional materials, the group of businesses can advertise cost-effectively through the loyalty program.

         Attract new customers:  For small businesses, especially ones with little brand awareness, this is a particularly valuable function.  When looking for a new business, when everything looks the same, for many consumers the existence of a reward program can be what makes the difference between buying from one place or another.

Gift Card & Loyalty Features Powered By SparkBase

* Multiple store setup for gift card and loyalty requires you to setup an account with your dealer.