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Client Maintenance

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Other Features Included in MPOS Software

Salon Spa Software
Point of Sale
Inventory Control
Client Maintenance
Commission Calculations
Employee Scheduling
Gift Card Processing
Time Clock Management
QuickBooks Compatible
Package Management
Tanning Bed Support
Multiple Store Management
Report Management
Online Backup
Caller ID Support
Other Features
  • Insert client photos

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  • Define up to 16 user fields
  • Print photo membership cards
  • Print key cards
  • Print employee Identification cards
  • Export date charts on birthdays and visit dates
  • Sort on major & defined fields
  • Search by major & defined fields
Salon Software
View Client list
  • View and print entire client list.
  • Sort entire client list on all major and defined fields.
  • Specify if clients are taxable or non taxable.
  • Track last visits.
  • Find clients by name or search through by picture or search by any of the major or definable fields.
Salon Spa Software
  • Input client formula data.
  • Create formulas with full description. 
  • Specify products used on each client.
  • Unlimited notes and instructions field for each client.
Salon Software
  • View client spending history on the fly.
  • Sort Client sales by, date, services, amounts.
  • View individual day reports.
  • View each sales transaction by clicking on the invoice number.
Salon Spa Software
  • Print labels using your client list.  You can filter the list using ranges such as birthday or first and last visits.
  • Print using standard Avery labels. 
Salon Spa Software
  • Email a single client or a entire list of clients using your own customer templates.
  • Supports standard and email authentication
Salon Software
  • Customer filters is another feature that can be used to help filter clients.  This feature is also called client flags. Use this feature to set up unique flags or labels for clients.  You can then set these flags for each client or customer.  These flags will show up each time a client is pulled up in the system.  This is helpful in identifying certain types of clients or filtering a particular type of client.
Salon Spa Software
  • Customer templates are used to create custom text documents that can be used to email, print or save with a client record.  When using customer templates you can create a template for different criteria’s such as confirming an appointment, wishing happy birthday or anniversary.  Or sending holiday wishes, as well as informing customers of specials.  You can create up to 10 templates that can be saved and used at any time.
Salon Spa Software
Print barcode ready membership, Id cards and keycards Salon Software