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         Visit here for Software for Retail Stores
Are you looking for an alternative to QuickBooks Point of sale or a simple to use cash register system?  Then MPOS is your solution specifically designed to work either as a stand-alone point-of-sale package or integrated with the QuickBooks accounting packages, MPOS software truly is a simple, yet inexpensive solution for your point-of-sale needs. Fully supports most point of sale equipment such as receipt printers, cash drawers, credit card readers & barcode scanners and printers.  With this fully integrated retail pos system you can manage your inventory using powerful features such as reorder points, size and style matrix, discounts & scheduled price changes, serial number tracking and item linking with full barcode printing support.
     Fully integrate your credit card processing with the X-Charge merchant service, which is included within your MPOS Software at no additional cost fully (PCI) compliant.  
     With MPOS point of sale you can fully manage and track your
customer sales with powerful marketing & mailing tools.  From email reminders to full label printing functions.
     Do you track employee sales for commissions or for review purposes?  With MPOS pos software you can track employee sales using the
commission tracking system tracking by tiers, standard or sliding commissions.  
     If you are planning to implement a gift card system or track time clock usage MPOS Software for Retail is the solution for you.

Salon Software

      Visit here for Software for Salon & Spas
Are you a Spa or Salon looking to manage your booth's staff or spa rooms. Imagine a solution that allows you to create packages standard and mixed. Schedule for and process return visits in a seamless single screen interface. Well you don't have to imagine anymore with MPOS salon & spa software you can now unlock your business full potential.
     Fully control your business with Inventory control tools such as reorder points, purchase orders and scheduled discounts.  Looking to start a reward system or issue discounts to customers that support your business?  With MPOS Point of Sale software for salons & spas you can manage track and market to your
customer using the client maintenance features.  
     Looking to schedule for customer or block out rooms for spa sessions?  Using the
scheduling tools in MPOS software will make this a fast and simple process.  Whether you are looking to keep up with services, commissions or sales think of MPOS Pos software as your one stop solution.
     Fully integrated with the most powerful accounting system around
QuickBooks software by Intuit.  You can be confident that your information will seamlessly transfer to your QuickBooks software.   

Retail Point of Sale Software

    Visit here for Software For Tanning Salons
     Are you a tanning salon looking to upgrade from your cards system to a modern computer controlled system.  Or do you currently use one of the expensive tanning software brands that charges monthly fees and the prices are getting out of control.  Then consider MPOS Software for tanning salons.  This all in one solution will guarantee saving you time and money.
     With MPOS salon and tanning software you never have to pay any monthly fees.  Be confident with the easy to use features of MPOS salon and tanning software. 
Schedule your customers using the easy to use tanning scheduler or handle your walk-in customers with an intuitive processing screen.  You can use the customer's name, or a membership card with a barcode or simply scan the customers fingerprint.
     With t-max compatibility MPOS tanning software can eliminate employee theft and giveaways.  Electronic fund transfer is automatically handled in the system so you don't have to worry about keeping up with expired credit cards or bounced checks.  
     Fully integrated with the most powerful accounting system around
QuickBooks software by Intuit.  You can be confident that your information will seamlessly transfer to your QuickBooks software.  Let MPOS tanning software manage the sales tax and new tanning tax so you can manage your business.    
     With MPOS salon & tanning software you can sell all types of packages such as sessions, time period, points or combinations.  With this easy to use robust system you can keep up with your inventory,
commissions and customers in one software package.  Forget about those expensive tanning software systems MPOS tanning software starts at a remarkable $299 USD and no monthly fees.

Point of Sale POS
Visit here for Stand Alone Gift Card Software
Do you currently offer gift cards to your clients but are tired of paying the endless fees?  Or do you currently own a point of sale software but it doesn't support gift card processing? Then MPOS Gift Card is the inexpensive solution you have been waiting for, imagine a small application that can manage your gift card stock and balances and processing in house.  With MPOS gift card software you can now avoiding the transaction fees, monthly fees, processing fees and statement fees.  With MPOS gift card software you can use your existing stock and save thousands annually.  With Gift Card Software starting at $189.00 USD
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